Xiaomi Mijia YUNMAI Jump Rope One-piece Bearing Double Wire Rope, Bob-weight Version

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  • Bluetooth 4.0, the calculated data is accurate, and the real-time synchronous upload after linking the phone.
  • Small programs and apps, many different ways to rope jumping.
  • Can be connected to the WeChat applet:_Setting target times and times and recording data;_Calculating calories and video tutorial.
  • 3 meters long rope, adjustable rope buckle.
  • 360 degree universa l bearing, smooth and smooth, stable and unobstructed.
  • PU steel wire combination, strong and wear resistant, not easy to break.
  • Ergonomic handle, light and compact, non-slip and easy to grip.
  • USB charging for 2 hours, 150 days of battery life.