Xiaomi Yunmai Mijia Push-up Chest Bar Handles Grip Bars Fitness Gym Muscle Training push ups For body building

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  • Portable, easy to assemble and dismantle
  • Folding design greatly reduces the storage area and overall weight of the bracket
  • The push-up folding bracket plate is equipped with a detachable handle for easy carrying and training. As long as there is a flat ground, the bracket can be started to start exercising.
  • After being used, it is folded and locked, and the bracket instantly turns into a compact suitcase, which can be stored at any corner of the home.
  • Different colors combine to train different body parts: the_blue parts_exercise the_chest, the_green parts_exercise the_triceps, the_red partsexercise the_shoulder, the_yellow parts_exercise the_latissimus dorsi muscle