XIAOMI - Yijie Mini Broom Mop Dustpan Sweeper Desktop Sweep Small Cleaning Brush Tools Housework Household Home Kits

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  • The fine PET filaments are closely arranged, the density is large enough to stand upright, the contact area is large, the residue is reduced, and the dust sweeping efficiency is improved. The brush has good flexibility, is not easy to deform, and is firm and lint-free._
  • The mouth is made of high-quality soft rubber strip, which can be closely attached to the desktop at 0° when used. It is seamless and does not leak ash, which is better matched with clean dust collection._
  • The bucket has a deepened concave design, and the outer bulge can better lock the dust that is swept in and prevent secondary pollution, so as not to aggravate the cleaning work.
  • The Dustpan handle has an annular card slot on the head. When not in use, the handle of the broom can be directly clamped on the card slot and suspended for storage. It is convenient and space-saving.
  • The angle of the broom handle is smoothly curved, ergonomic, comfortable to hold, and sweeping dust more easily.



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