XIAOMI 8 Times Concentrated Laundry Washing Liquid Phosphorus free Environmental protection Laundry Detergent

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  •  Enzyme formula.
  • Select the ecologically active enzymes to be carefully formulated to penetrate the fabric fibers and clean the stains.
  • 8 times concentrated.(1kg concentrated liquid=4kg normal Laundry liquid)
  • This laundry  liquid is a phosphorus-free formula with no added aluminum.
  • Deep clean, no residue and environmental protection.


  • Surface active agents, stabilizers, neutral agents, dispersants, laundry agents, perfumes, enzymes, and so on.
  • Pour in the clothes and start the washing machine. (8 times concentrated one washable one tube)
  • Do not use the ultra-fast wash mode below 18 minutes.
  • Capacity: 500g
  • Durable time:3years