Xiaomi Leravan - Electric Foot Leg Deep Kneading Vibrating Foot Massager

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  • Simulation kneading technique, comfortably massage the feet, relieve the soreness and discomfort of the feet
  • Dynamic airbag wrapping, multiple cares, massaged by rhythmic pressing to stimulate the relevant acupuncture points and adjust the body function
  • 3 levels of adjustable force, more choices, better massage effect
  • 3D gel massage heads, imitation of human touch, soft and comfortable
  • Massage and hot compress, promote blood circulation, better physical therapy
  • Open design, breathable and not stuffy
  • 15 minutes timing function
  • The concealed power cord can be wrapped to store, space-saving
  • Light indicator button, convenient to use
  • Bottom texture mat, non-slip and wear-resistant
  • Side groove design, easy to move