EIGSHOW 10 high quality Professional makeup brushes set cosmetic brush beauty tool kits for Foundation eyebrow powder lip eye shadow

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  • High quality brushes,soft touch,sturdy wool,delicate and flexible.
  • POWDER: Use this brush to caught powder,and pat on the face or just make circle on the face.It can helps to set your make up.
  • BLUSH: Caught the blush by it, and pat the powder into the skin. It is very easy to make a nature, nice sharp.
  • CONTOUR: Pick some high light powder or bronzing powder, gently brushing the the T District or cheek, to create three-dimensional contour.
  • FOUNDATION: Pick some liquid or cream foundation with this brush,make circle on the face to provide a flawless, high definition finish.
  • NOSE SHADOW: Pick bronzing powder with this bruish , gently sweep along and beside the bridge of the nose to create three-dimensional makeup.
  • BLENDING: Can be used with all kinds of eye shadow products, to achieve the coloring, blending and transit of eye make up.Can also apply for bronzing powder on both sides of the nose, create three-dimensional contour.
  • EYE SHADOW: Can be used with all kinds of eye shadow products, it can quickly and evenly realize the uniform color of the eye shadow of various textures.
  • EYEBROW: Dip some eyebrow powder by eyebrow brush, brush out the ideal eyebrow. To make the eyebrow color depth consistent and natural._
  • LIP: Brush with lipstick or lip gloss, can draw out the lip, showing plump lip color.
  • MASCARA: Can be used as blending after the usage of eye pencil or eyebrow powder, to make it more natural. Can also gently brush from the root of the eyelash, clean up the excess mascara to make eyelashes clear.


  • Marerial: rayon wool
  • 10pcs professional brushes
  • Weight: 140g