XIAOMI Lofree Portable Nostalgic Wireless Powerful Poison M Bluetooth Speaker

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  • Double magnetic alloy speaker, combined with dual units DSP processor to ensure HD and natural sound.
  • Equipped with FM(Chinese) & Speaker, search the sound you like.__
  • BT mode/AUX wired connection, 10 available distance, high transmission speed and good safety.
  • 500g portable and mini body, let you enjoy music anytime anywhere._
  • Built in 2000mAh battery for 6 hours endurance.
  • Comes with leather hand strap, four shockproof foot pads, smart LED indicator.
  • Elegant retro appearance, four optional colors: red, white, blue, army green.


  • Power(W):10w*2
  • Using time:4~6 h
  • Battery Capacity: 2000mAh
  • Bluetooth Version:V4.2
  • Weight:550g
  • Size:184*105*70mm