XIAOMI MIJIA Lofans YD-013G Electric Steam iron road for portable travel Steam Generator mini ironing Multifunction Adjustable

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  • The dry and wet modes, combined with the multi-level temperature adjustment mode, can cope with clothes of different materials, work better, and at the same time protect clothes.
  • 1600W super power. Quickly smooth the folds without waiting.
  • Strong steam that can penetrate clothes quickly. Some materials are sensitive to high temperatures,_
  • Explosive steam of 0.5g/min can penetrate clothes more efficiently and smooth the folds more quickly.
  • Spray water mist function to reduce ironing damage.
  • Not only can it smooth the wrinkles of the clothes, but it can also kill the mites.
  • Ceramic glaze coating + negative ion powder. The clothes are smoother, safer and more wear-resistant and will not fall off._
  • The 190ML large water tank can be used to iron multiple garments at once.


Gear Selection: Three Gears
Large Water Tank:190ML
Explosive steam:0.5g/min